Unified Economic Agreement Of The Gcc Arab States

Given that Jordan and Morocco are the only two Arab monarchies that are not currently on the Council, the current members see them as potential powerful allies. Jordan borders Saudi Arabia and is economically linked to the Gulf countries. Although Morocco is not close to the Persian Gulf, Moroccan Foreign Minister Taieb Fassi Fihri notes that “geographical distance is not an obstacle to a strong relationship.” [76] The GCC has launched joint economic projects to promote and facilitate integration. Member States have connected their electricity grids and a water connection project has been launched and is expected to come into operation by 2020. A project to create a common air transport was also presented. [30] The Gulf Organization for Industrial Consulting (GOIC) was established in 1976 by the six GCC member states; Yemen joined the organization in 2009. The head office is located in Doha, Qatar. Goic`s organizational chart includes the members of the Board of Directors and the General Secretariat. Although there is no coastline on the Persian Gulf, Yemen is located in the Arabian Peninsula and shares a common culture and history with other GCC members. [8] The GCC has already approved Yemen`s membership in the GCC Standardization Authority, Gulf Organization for Industrial Consulting (GOIC), [83] GCC Auditing and Accounting Authority, Gulf Radio and TV Authority, GCC Council of Health Ministers, GCC Education and Training Bureau, GCC Council of Labour and Social Affairs Ministers and Gulf Cup Tournament.