Staffordshire University Learning Support Agreement

“ASSIST does a brilliant job. You treat a lot of people every day, but they are very kind and patient. Whenever I needed it, they were always there to help. Thank you for all your help and support. Samara is a visually impaired student who is studying at Keele University. She started in September 2013 in a year of creation after leaving school without GCSE, because the school was not able to provide the support she needed, but she went to university to acquire her GCSE qualifications with A Levels and a national BTEC diploma. She hopes to study law in criminology and eventually become a lawyer. We continue to help them if necessary when students move into work-based learning or other work environments. “I feel like if I hadn`t received the support I did, then I don`t think I`ve succeeded. It really helped me because I had too much work, and it wouldn`t have been over, because there were some things I needed. That`s what Zila says about the support she has received from us: we support the educational institutions in Staffordshire. Guidance and assessment of training needs are available with different types of assistance. This includes: Students may need specialized equipment or software and the help of specialized tutors. They can also access mobility training and audiological assistance.

The Step Up to Higher Education (HE) course is perfect for students who want to return to teaching and develop the most important academic skills needed to study at the university level. This course has been specially designed for pre-graduation learners who are taking a series of bachelor`s courses here at the University of Staffordshire. “I found with the support I received from THE ASSIST staff, was very focused on my needs. I find the staff very helpful and encouraging, and this relaxed me a lot with the support I received. It is important that support staff listen to the student and understand their individual needs. This is what I found with ASSIST, because their tutors are trained to help the student meet their individual needs, and that`s what allowed me to work as well with my graduate course and get great results. “It helped me stay on track and anticipate, because I knew I had made an agreement and stuck to it.