Shared Driveway Agreement Indiana

Philip You are usually not able to buy a common entrance. A common entrance is by definition contained in the act of both parties, who must have access through the entrance to reach their property. Perhaps this is not the case in the situation you describe? There are several positive and negative aspects that you should consider if you consider a property with a common entrance: alternatively, if the entrance is on the neighbor`s land, you can apply for a “mandatory” easement against your neighbor if you and your predecessors have used their entrance for 20 years. Code 32-23-1-1 See also The most important negative possible is that, because you share the aisle with other people, you may be involved in a disagreement. One of the most important considerations when buying a home with a common entrance is to find out from a competent local real estate professional how it will affect the future resale of the home. You need to know if the fact that there is a common driveway makes selling the property more difficult or if the house is not appreciated as quickly as the general market. Of course, not all properties with a common entrance are to be avoided or will lead a common entrance to Fisticuffs. However, problems related to common entrances should be anticipated by potentials and sellers and their real estate agents. Remember that your neighbors, including the owner (if there is only one owner), can sell their real estate later. Although oral agreements can be functional, it is still better to have written rules in case of transfer of ownership. Although the input is shared, it can belong to a particular party, with rules that allow others to use it.

Hopefully you`ve found these tips useful for buying a home with a common entrance. If you come across a property with a common entrance while shopping at home, there`s a good chance you`ll have a few questions before you choose to buy. Your job as a buyer is to determine if the agreements around the common entrance are something you can live with. I have a common entrance situation where the neighbor is actually entitled to the entire entrance, which makes our rear parking situation inaccessible. One last thing you can do to get more information is to visit the neighbors with whom you can share the driveway. You may wonder how users handle the entry and what happens in the event of a dispute. Over the years I have sold a lot of houses that have been maintained by a common reader….